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Application: Delicious Bookmarks

Howdy all!  Summer is getting closer and young and old, short or tall, there is always something to look forward to.  Still, in the midst of this busy time, you still may stay connected.  If you are reading interesting news bits on your device you probably will come across a new story that you want to bookmark and read later or perhaps share with a group of friends or coworkers.  If this describes you at all, try the “Delicious” App.  Yes, it is Delicious. 

Delicious Delicious


This App works great alongside other apps such as FlipBoard, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and any other online content.  At times, the stories you want to read on these networks get buried under new content and Delicious helps you bookmark them to read and share later.

Delicious Delicious

Lots of things are Delicious: cake, pie, gravy and even bacon - but nothing is more delicious to a nerd or geek like good website; unless it’s bacon.  BCCHardware uses delicious often to bookmark and share links for our podcast WeeklyTechUpdate and that is just one of its many uses.  It’s a quick and easy way to share and bookmark links instead of hunting and searching for them later. Simply sign in or make an account then click on your interesting content and share to Delicious.  There is not a lot to the App, other that it just simply works.  You can add keywords or make a note if you want to help sort things later, and once you hit “Save” it will be on your Delicious feed.

Bookmark some yummy stories for your fellow friends!

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