Genius X-G510 Gaming Mouse - Installation and Testing

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Genius X-G510 Gaming Mouse
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Installation and Testing


As this is a USB device with plug-and-play connectivity, installation was as simple as plugging it in.  It installs without drivers, but you will need to install the software to take full functionality of the mouse features.  Speaking of software, we have a few screenshots below.

The software included with this mouse is quite decent and simple to use.  You can change things such as D.P.I., light pulsation, sensitivity and you also can record and manage macros - up to 21 different macros in fact.  The software also allows you to choose whether you want to turn on or off the on-screen display available for the D.P.I.





Testing a mouse to me means that I get to play a log of games to get used to the mouse and learn the areas where it could use changes.  On the bright side; this is a fetching mouse to look at and the light is quite magnificent.  When you consider the features, feel and functions of this mouse cost you a mere $34.99, this makes it more interesting.

The cable is a great length, and while a 1.8m cable may seem long, it works very well for a desktop situation.  Shockingly, the software included is quite good and simple to use and understand.  The switches used for the two main buttons are also to my taste and are nicely sensitive.  As far as the stock D.P.I. settings - the four included profiles are good and I particularly enjoyed the 1000.

Recording macros is a cinch and the on-board memory keeps all of your settings intact no matter how much system swapping you are doing.  The plastic body of this mouse is nothing to brag about but the main surface redeems it as it is rubberized and feels quite nice and fits well in the hand.  Also worth mentioning, is that the laser tracks very well and is fairly precise.

On the down-side: the click wheel is not the greatest, it could be set on the device more securely.  Also on the downside, the DPI switch isn't in a very convenient spot.  It is a bit disappointing that the two side buttons don't feel quite as good as the top buttons.  The left one is a bit awkward to click due to the ambidextrous nature of this peripheral.  The addition of two extra buttons would have been handy - but not essential.  Also, the inability to use custom DPI settings is a bit of a downer.



Out of the mice that I have used, I can truly say that this one does a great job at delivering a stand-up gaming and practical mouse experience.  Overall I would say that you are getting a good value for your dollar in the X-G510. Yes, there could be a couple more buttons and better quality plastic.  It could also have some more options within its software.  With tracking that is precise and software that keeps making and managing macros a cinch, I can see absolutely no reason why this mouse would not make a great addition to anyone's office or game room.

The Genius X-G510 won’t break your bank account and when priced at $34.99 - it is great value.  I would recommend this mouse for anyone looking for an attractive and well functioning mouse who is on a tight budget.  At the end of the day when you consider how well it tracks and how it feels in the hand as well as the sick lighting design, the positive elements outweigh the negative areas.
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Appearance 
  • Tracking
  • Too few buttons
  • No on-the fly recording
  • No custom dpi
  • Click-wheel is not well grounded 



I'd like to thank Genius for sending over the X-G510 for us to review.  Even though the score doesn't sound like a killer product, for the price it really deserves a second look by any gamer or regular consumer.