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Installation is pretty simple and it entails plugging in the mouse and then allowing Windows to install a basic driver.  Once this is done, you can head on over to the support section of ROCCAT's site and download the correct driver and software package.  Once the download is complete, extract and run the package by folling the on-screen commands.



Now comes the part that you have been waiting for - testing!  I will not lie, I really enjoyed using the Kone Pure for gaming and everyday applications. The first thing that I noticed is that the quality of this mouse is top notch.  It even translates to the click-wheel that is nice and solid.  The wheel feels well-grounded and the materials that make up the body are well built and feel great.  This mouse feels very good in the hand!

The tracking is very good and is assisted by the “Tracking & Distance Control-unit”, although I didn't notice any real difference.  Other gamers who are in a higher league that I am may notice a difference.  I used it on two different mouse pads as well as on my bare desk without a pad – and even used it on my knee.  The mouse tracked and moved beautifully and just confirmed to me once more that I was using a good mouse.  The Tracking Control Unit along with the Distance Control Unit is also a nice feature.

The Omron switches press down satisfyingly and provide decent resistance.

The software was wonderful overall and gives you the ability to change the color or use your custom D.P.I. settings and to set up any of five available profiles.  The amount of things that you can adjust is simply amazing!  Such adjustments also include vertical scroll speed, horizontal tilt speed, double click and various options to improve the user experience.

The on-board memory is a welcome feature and is very handy, especially when changing computers.  The on-board processor is also a pretty sweet feature and helped manage things decently enough.

Rear Lights


The macro recorder works decently, although it is the Easy-Shift [+] that I found very useful and innovative. Included in the macros are ones for select games. The thing I enjoyed about it is that you can set your buttons as you normally would, but when you hold down the ES+ button it unlocks entirely different functions.  These functions that are enabled include multi-media functions, macros, sensitivity adjustments and more.  The shear amount of choices is almost intoxicating!  Although it does work well I did find myself using my D.P.I. switch buttons to change between profiles so I could have the normal functions of the two side buttons for gaming and web-browsing.

I was able to optimize this mouse to my electronic lifestyle and was very pleased with its performance.  The lighting options on the Pure are quite astounding.  There are 16.8 million colors.  Wow!  It also allows you to have different colors for each profile!  One of the best things is that you can get all of this for $69.99 from MemoryExpress - a price that I feel is reasonable.

Lastly, we have the ROCCAT Achievements Display - a cool menu in the software that allows you to track you mouse clicks and earn, yes, you guessed it, achievements.

The negatives that I found are very minimal and didn’t really affect my use of the Kone.  One of these negative issues is that the two extra buttons aren’t on the left side.  If they were easier to access this would have added some extra value.  Also, the software could have been faster for my taste – but this slowness is usually because the profiles are written to the mouse hardware itself.  The biggest thing that got me was that the media buttons worked best with Windows Media-Player and not iTunes.

Another downside for me and my long fingers is that the mouse is a bit short.  If it were a bit longer, it would definitely be more comfortable.


While the ROCCAT Kone Pure has some minor issues – let’s face it – it performs very well.  Tracking is smooth and it picks up well on different surfaces.  The quality of the materials is unmistakably good and the Kone Pure is quite rewarding to use.  One of my biggest questions at the end of the review is “Why would you not get this mouse?”  The price is very aggressive at $69.99 and can be found cheaper online if you shop around.  For a mouse of this quality and with these features, it’s a great deal.

If you are looking for a solid gaming and recreational mouse and can afford the price, I would highly recommend the Roccat Kone Pure.


  • Tracking
  • Lighting
  • Button options
  • Software
  • Price



  • Length
  • Software load time
  • No iTunes support




I'd like to thank ROCCAT for sending over this mouse for us to review.  As usual, they deliver a good product and a decent price.  I know we are excited to see what they continue to offer gamers in the future.

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