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ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse
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Product: ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse
Provided By: ROCCAT
Price: ~$69.99 Online


I hope that you get as excited by this product that we are about to reveal to you as I am. Before I reveal what this product is, I want to first tell you about the manufacturer – ROCCAT.  ROCCAT is known for their innovative and awesome gaming equipment such as mice, keyboards, headsets, mouse pads, notebooks and even some cool accessories. You can browse through these treats at their website –

The gorgeous creature we received from ROCCAT is none other than the Kone Pure gaming mouse. It boasts swell features such as Easy-Shift[+] button duplication, built-in processor and memory, 16.8 million-color lighting system and others that make this monster what it is!


First Look:

The box is basically black with blue and white spread throughout. Printed on the package are decent pictures of the product as well as some nicely presented features that show up on the front, left side, back and inside flap.  This flap is held closed by a magnet, not some funky glue or Velcro.

Kone Pure Open

Contained within the well-packaged box is the Kone Pure as well as the quick installation guide.


The mouse itself is made of a nicely finished plastic and is matte black. Directly on top we find that the Pure shows off the ROCCAT logo and later we discover that this logo lights up.  On the left side of the mouse is the brand name and model of the mouse.  Snuggled on the top of the mouse are the traditional mouse buttons and click-wheel and directly below these we find the D.P.I. switching buttons.  Also found on the left are the two additional buttons.

Kone Front Side Profiel Rear


Once we flipped this mouse over we glimpse the fully adjustable 8200 D.P.I. “Pro-Aim” (R3) sensor – along with the company logo, name and production stickers.  Looking at the front allows us to admire the 1.8m braided USB cable.

On the next page, we'll take a closer look at the features and specifications of this mouse before we continue.