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Happy Canada Day fellow Canadians! In Canada several things are sacred; freedom, hockey and bacon.  Maybe not bacon entirely - but it is rather good to munch on while watching a movie or a hockey game.  Netflix has been out for quite a while and while there are other services like Crackle, Hulu and YouTube, these aren’t always ideal – and some of them cost monthly fees.  Often on YouTube, there are 10 minutes clips that end up being separated into four or five parts.  This is annoying.  I’ve been looking for some links or apps that can stream movies legally but have often came up short.  Recently, I came across MovieTube and it streams full-length movies and can be taken anywhere your Android device can go.

Movie Tube List Movie Tube List

Movie Tube is a great source to watch movies on the go. It does require an internet connection (as do all movie streaming services) and the app is pretty easy to use. Pull down the menu and you can select movies that are new today and movies that are older.  The app does update as other movies become available.  MovieTube works through YouTube, but allows the movies to be played in their full-length format.

Movie Tube Movie Tube

Since it’s played through YouTube, you sometimes get an ad before you watch the movie, but I’ve never had any ads interrupting my show.  Sometimes it can buffer but that is typical for YouTube, and if you have a good connection it should be fine.  You even have a watched movie history list as well that displays the movies you have watched.  I haven't seen any ratings with the movies or information about the movies so I advise you to check out the PluggedIn App to see what the movie is about and how it rates.  Hopefully most movies are listed in PluggedIn.


Pull up a floor, some bacon, wifi, and a charger and spend some hot days just chilling in your own mini movie theater!

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