Android App Pick - Bubble Blaze

Application: Bubble Blaze

Yo, Yo!  Another Android App Pick is online ready and waiting at your fingertips for you to download. App pick this week isn’t anything too complicated unless you're color blind, then that will make things a little more difficult.  App Pick #91 is a shooting game, but nothing hard core.  This is a fun game that will require some strategy, but not at the level of League of Legends or Supreme Commander. It’s a classic bubble popping game that is a great time filler.  Bubble Blaze is where it’s at; and get this, a dragon gives you bubbles of color in this castle adventure.

Bubble Blaze - Map

Bubble Blaze - Aiming
Bubble Blaze - Aiming

Bubble Blaze - Gameplay
Bubble Blaze - Gameplay


Bubble Blaze is quite simple.  All you have to do is hit three or more bubbles of the same color.  This will knock them down and they will fall from the sky.  It’s awesome when you can get a bunch of them knocked down.  This helps you get more points and ultimately more stars.  If you get them all down, you’ll get a Gold Star to move onto the next level.  If you don’t get them all, you’ll have to go back and replay previous levels to get enough starts to move on.  Power ups come along the way, but you’ll need diamonds or coins to use them.  Make sure to pay attention to the hints given throughout the game when something new comes up.

Have a bubble blazing adventure!

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