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Testing - Benchmarks:






SuperPI tests the CPU very heavily, and as you can see in the chart above, the ATIV 700T comes in right around the middle. When compared to the ATIV 500T, the 700T is obviously much faster thanks to the Intel i5 CPU, but when compared to other ultrabooks it's obvious it just doesn't have the same CPU horsepower.


PMCore 1.5



Much like SuperPi, PMCore tests the CPU of a system. Much like the chart above (SuperPi), the PMCore results were much the same. The ATIV 700T fell short of the numbers that we saw with the Lenovo X1 Carbon and Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks, but it was able to destroy the slower ATIV 500T in terms of CPU performance.



3DMark06 tests the overall system performance with the focus being on gaming. The ATIV 700T has an Intel i5 CPU with Intel HD 4000 graphics, which would be similar to most mid-level notebooks. 3DMark06 is a few years old now, but we continue to include it so that we can show how new systems compare to older notebooks we've reviewed in the past.



Obviously the ATIV 700T isn't being sold as a gaming system, so it's not surprising that the 3DMark06 results are what they are. 

The results are much the same as the first couple tests, the ATIV 700T destroys the ATIV 500T in terms of performance, yet still falls well short of the other notebooks and Ultrabooks we've reviewed. 

Overall I'm still impressed that a tablet like the ATIV 700T can come anywhere close to the performance of an Ultrabook. This type of performance should allow you to play most older games without any issues on the ATIV 700T.



3DMark is the latest version from Futuremark and tests the overall system performance with a large emphasis put on gaming performance.


Obviously after the first 3 benchmarks we have a pretty good idea of where the ATIV 700T is going to come in at. The ATIV 700T was able to complete all 3 tests (the ATIV 500T was only able to complete 1 test) which for a tablet is pretty impressive.

PCMark 7

PCMark 7 is a synthetic benchmark that tests the overall performance of your system with an emphasis put on desktop usage.



As was the case in all of the other benchmarks, the ATIV 700T come in right in the middle of the chart. Compared to the ATIV 500T, the ATIV 700T scored much higher, yet when compared to an Ultrabook, fell short.

Still, like I mentioned numerous times in this section, when you remember the fact that the ATIV 700T is a tablet, the results are quite impressive. 


Benchmarking Conclusion

If we compare the ATIV 500T vs. the ATIV 700T the results are no doubt in favor of the 700T which isn't too surprising since it features an Intel i5 CPU vs. the Intel Atom CPU that the 500T has. 

The ATIV 700T fell short of other Ultrabooks that we've tested, but overall the performance was very good and probably very comparable to most mid-level notebooks that are available today.

If you are simply looking for performance, then probably neither of these ATIV products are for you, and chances are good you will be going for an Ultrabook or Notebook, which for the same price as the ATIV 700T will offer better performance.

In the end, the ATIV 700T is pretty impressive when you remember the fact that it's a tablet! Sure the numbers didn't break any records, but when you consider just how small the ATIV 700T is, the results are quite astounding.