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Application: Inventory

It's a brand new day, a brand new week and we've got a brand new app pick!  Better yet, we have some updates rolling out to Nexus flavored Android devices as well. My Nexus 2012 tablet and Galaxy Nexus are now running Jellybean 4.3. Hopefully that will keep apps running fast and smooth for a while yet. Speaking of smooth, everyone likes to keep things in order without having them slip away on you with you knowing. Organization is quite a common thing in businesses that carry lots of different items. Even things at home can be kept in an organized list - especially when moving.  I, on the other hand don’t have a lot of organization when it comes to my room, but it does interest me when it comes to keeping track of my videogame collection!  Using the Inventory app can help get the job done.

Inventory Create Edit

This simple app can help you keep your ducks in a row and help you remember what you have and what you’ve lent out to a friend  The app looks very plain, and it is very simple to use.  Hit the plus circle sign at the top to start adding items to your inventory.  You can name the item you want kept track of and then you can indicate whether you own it or it’s borrowed.  You can make notes about the item, add an owner of the item and how many there are in stock.  When picking who owns it, the app simply pulls up your contact list to choose from.

Ownership Full List Video Games

You're able to create categories for you items as well.  For instance, if you're keeping track of your socks, you may have many different types.  They range from fuzzy to plain and from cotton to argyle.  You can also take a picture of it as well so you know what the item looks like.  If you’re too lazy to type everything in manually, you can always use the Scan Barcode option and it will fill it out for you.

Be organised, ready, and on top of your game at your work, school or even at home with Inventory!


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