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Application: Turbo Racing League

Hear ye, hear ye android readers!  Get your information right here.  Tap your fingers and swipe those screens!  Why all the Olde English?  We just celebrated our hometowns centennial weekend and I learned technology has certainly come along way over the past 100 years! Communications (phones and tablets) have really changed the way we do things. Vehicles have certainly come along as well and ever since the wheel, the human race has made transportation better and faster. Other than using vehicles for work or personal use, sometimes they are used for entertainment - such as racing.  We’ll see in our App Pick of the Week that racing can be done with almost anything.  For instance, when you cross a snail and a tablet with a racetrack, you get epic fun with Turbo Racing League.

Turbo Racing League


The game simply is racing, but not just any regular racing game. This race involves some snails on a great track.  Of course snails aren't the fastest critters, but when you throw in some turbo and speed boost then things get interesting - or should I say, "you're off to the races"?

Turbo Racing League Turbo Racing League

Game controls can either be assigned through tilting the device or by touching the screen.  Tapping the screen allows you to drift on turns in the road and along the way you collect tomatoes.  Like most racing games you can spruce up your snail and upgrade it to get it faster and better. The tomatoes that are collected go toward buying your upgrades and boosts.  Collect enough stars through each race to make it to the finals and be the winning snail!

Turbo Racing League


Start your snail, get set, download!

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