Android App Pick - Energy Art Live Wallpaper

Application: Energy Art Live Wallpaper

Good day Android readers young and old. There are so many devices out there and so many apps.  There are apps for every age group and that’s what makes technology great.  This week we are up to App #96 and this App is pretty interesting for people of all ages.  We’ve never covered a wallpaper App before and this one is pretty cool as it is a live wallpaper and was recommended.  It’s called Energy Art Live Wallpaper and this cool app is used to help make some cool designs using your fingers.  It looks like a ball of energy when you touch the screen.

The app is very simple to use and setup. You open the app and by playing around with some settings you can create interesting effects.  The free version is a bit limited on its choices but there is still a lot to do and have fun with.  You can set it to keep going every time you touch the screen or let it reset after each touch point.

To use this as your wallpaper, simply press and hold any black spot on your device to change your wallpaper.  Choose Live Wallpapers and it should appear there.  Once chosen you’re able to see some cool swirls every time you swipe your screen. It’s like fireworks on the go! Bam!

Need to add some spark to your phone? Check out this live wallpaper app!

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