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Application: Zuma Deluxe Return Free

It’s Monday, Monday everybody reads app pick on Monday! Fun, fun, fun, yeah! Downloading, downloading, play yea!

Wow, that was either inspired by Rebecca Black and her “Friday” song, or perhaps I’m just really excited to share our latest App Pick with you!  Either way, it’s Monday and we have a lot going on – including Zuma Deluxe Return Free. My best friend, Shelby introduced me to Zuma back in high school and it was my all-time favorite game on Popcap.  Yes, Jimmy the King, you can now play Zuma on the go!  It’s not published by PopCap, but it does have most of the things we’ve all come to know and love about Zuma.

Zuma Zuma

Zuma Deluxe Return Free is obviously free to play.  There are a few things that are a bit different when compared to the original game, but the concept is the same as on the PC.  The game is pretty easy as you have to match three or more of the same color with your frog buddy that holds the colors.  To switch the color of the ball simply tap the back of the frog, then tap in the direction you want to shoot to get all the balls cleared before the ball monster eats the balls and the level ends. Some levels will let you change the ball color while other levels don’t.  This version of Zuma doesn’t have power-ups but it has the same layout and play style.  There are quite a few different layouts, levels, maps and boss challenges to keep you entertained.

Zuma Zuma

Save the Zuma world and don’t get chomped on!


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