Android App Pick - Wunderlist To-do & Task List

Application: Wunderlist To-do & Task List

It’s a good morning and I hope that you’re happy to wake up to a brand new day!  On good days, I sometimes wake up and start playing some Candy Crush.  On busy working days, I may have to get organized and start by making a list.  These lists can range from groceries to packing, reminders and more.  Wunderlist: To-Do and Task List can get you organized and with school and university back in our lives, a task list is always handy – especially when it reminds you of items you may have forgotten.  What good is a list if you forget to look at it?

Wunderlist Wunderlist

This list-making app allows you to share lists with people.  Once you sign in with either your email address or Facebook, you can have sync across your devices.  Wherever you go, you always have your list close by!  Wunderlist isn't too hard to use at all.  Simply jot down a few items for any category that’s listed.  You can mark or flag important things on each item in the list, make a note as well as set timers that will trigger reminders.

Wunderlist Wunderlist


Get back to school and organized with Wunderlist!

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