Android App Pick - 1941 Frozen Front

Application: 1941 Frozen Front

Atten hut! I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery, I may never fly over the enemy, but I can play on my device.  Yes sir!  It’s not Remembrance Day, but I guess September has been a memorable day for all in the States. I’m not great with social studies and war history, but World War II was a global event that shaped the world. The game app 1941 Frozen Front  sets you in a battlefield to battle against the Soviets, Germans or any other country that the game may bring. In Soviet Russia Germans shoot you!

1941 1941


This sort of game is strategy based. Your crew is at your base camp and each turn you move your tanks, planes, men and artillery a number of spaces.  Once you’re able to get close to shooting distance of the enemy, you can fire away.  The same is true for your enemy.  When you kill an enemy you gather pieces of gold.  You can use that gold to buy resources, top up your crew or put out sandbags for defense. The game will let you know the missions that need be accomplished. I went through the tutorial to get more of an idea how to do play. Move your way through maps and conquer the land.


1941 1941 1941

Get those Soviets!!

Soviet Russia


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