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Good Day and HOLY COW this week we are picking App #100!  It’s pretty cool that app pick made it to 100, and we are closing in on our 2 year milestone.  We’ve covered a lot of Apps and there are 100,000’s more, but that doesn’t mean they are all good.  Hopefully we’ve helped you find some great one.  App Pick #100 is a rather handy App and is focused around the school season which just started here in North America.  Most people in high school, college or university often use this sort of tool for those irrational and tricky equations. If you’ve forgotten your graphing calculator at home or you’re on the road the Graphing Calculator by Mathlab  can get you back to school sorting out those math problems in a pinch.

Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator


It’s been quite some time since I used a graphing calculator, so please bear with me as I try and tell about it. The typical functions like, COS, SIN, TAN, X, and Y are available and the fraction key is a slant.  Lots of tough equations often deal with fractions. If you hold down a key you can get the sub number.  For instance, each key has a couple of functions – just like the main keyboard on your Android device.  Press and hold and you can select from the common variables there. There are three sheets (workspace) for you to use and you can change from Calculator, to Graphing functions and over to Tables by choosing the appropriate function that is above the ads at the top.  It lays everything out very nicely as you can see in the images below.

Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator Graphing Calculator

Become a math wizard and you’ll just be as good the Count!

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