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Application: Air Control Lite

Good day and welcome to App Pick 101, this your pilot Tiggs speaking.  As we read along you’ll find out how to play this app and what it’s about.  Air Control Lite is the name of the game this week and it is landing on your devices today!  We don’t have any complimentary snacks to give out on your travels, but I think you can arrange that yourselves.  I’m sure you may not have tons of time to eat as you're the one that is actually being the air traffic controller.  Being an air traffic controller can’t be that hard, can it?

Air Control Lite

Air Control Lite Welcome

As you look to the left, the right, top and bottom of your device you’ll notice there’ll be planes and helicopters coming in from all sorts of directions.  Your job is to direct the different planes to the appropriate runway.  Helicopters are easy as they are assigned to the helipad that are circled and marked with an “H”. The other two runways are for the planes and each set of planes will go on certain runways.  If the plane doesn't land it pass over and will simply keep flying. 


Multiple Planes
Multiple Planes

Busy Airport
Busy Airport

By dragging a line from the plane the correct runway is the only way to get the plane on the ground.  As you venture more in your trafficking career, the air space will get crowded.  Pay attention and be careful how close you draw your planes to each other.  If they get too close it could result in a MAYDAY!  There is also a puzzle mode that lets you direct planes in to certain runways as they are chosen.  Make sure you work hard to choose the right runways.

Want total control? Then download the free version of Air Control Lite.

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