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Galaxy Note 8.0 Conclusion
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet is a solid product that feels well-built when you pick it up and handle it.  Dropping it is probably not the best idea, but if you did so accidentally I’m sure it could survive a few bumps and bruises. Like most devices, the Galaxy Note 8 doesn't come with protectors or a case and this is left up to the consumer.  If you decide to sit on it - well, I have no guarantees, ask Zeus how that turns out.  When comparing the Galaxy Note 8 to the Galaxy Tab 7.0, I think the Note 8 is much better.  The Note has an S-Pen and a smoother interface – thanks to more powerful hardware.  I never noticed much lag when swiping through pages.  I think that running Android 4.1.2 Jellybean also helps makes this run smoother.  This is the third tablet that I’ve played with extensively – and it certainly is a good product.  The screen is excellent, the S-Pen is awesome and the quality is really good as well. 
I didn't have many expectations on performance, but the Galaxy Note 8 Tablet did pretty well in application loading, multitasking and video and audio playback.  I like the fact the speakers are on the end of the tablet instead of the back.  This makes the volume much louder when using it on your lap. The S-Pen responds well and a set of notes pop up immediately when you unholster the S-Pen.  You won't miss a thing you want to jot down. I think the S-pen is quite a handy tool as sometimes writing with a pen is faster for writing a lot of notes.  The S-Pen does not die unless your tablet does. It works the same way a Wacom graphics tablet does. No battery are required as the pen draws power wirelessly from the tablet itself.
The camera works well - but it won't replace a traditional point-and-shoot. The Galaxy Note 8.0 has both front and back cameras.  
The calendar can take a while to sync, but once you get all of your appointments on the tablet, changing a few is pretty speedy.  Scrolling through the home-screens was as smooth as I had hoped and web pages load quickly, run smoothly and look great.  Launching Apps is responsive and social networks load and run quickly. 
There wasn’t a ton of accessories that came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.  Samsung kept our bundle basic with a wall plug and a USB cord.  They were generous enough to include some earphones, but there was no documentation at all with our sample.  I guess you don’t really expect a ton of accessories with a tablet.  If it came with a basic case and screen protectors that would go a long way to impress me.  What does impress me is the MicroSD card slot – although there is no included MicroSD card.  I’m sure that if you pick up one of these from the store it would come with an owner’s manual of some sort.  I would have been nice if this sample did as well as I had to try and figure out how to do things like take screen shots and other S-Pen functions.  Instead, I had to hire a wizard to help me out. 
There is nothing to install when you get the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.  Copying and transferring stuff between your PC and tablet is pretty easy and straightforward.  If you want to go wirelessly, you can always try using the Wifi file explorer app to transfer files back and forth.  App installation is painless - just as with any Android product.  Although the Galaxy Note 8.0 is currently running Jellybean 4.1.2- hopefully it will get 4.3 update and possibly KitKat down the road.
Tablets can vary in price based on quality, screen size, storage and more.  Hardware and more affects the price of tablets and you don’t always get what you pay for.  I’ve seen the Galaxy Note 8 for $299 and that makes it a pretty decent deal - with a few extras.  It puts it about $50 more than a Nexus 7 tablet and you have to decide if the faster processor, S-Pen, screen, and storage options are worth the extra price tag. For $299 it's certainly worth considering.
  • Great screen quality
  • S-Pen
  • Responsive
  • Crisp clear photos
  • Nothing much

I'd like to thank Samsung for sending out this tablet for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the link below.