OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming PSU - Features and Specifications

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OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming PSU
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The following are the features of both the 550W and the 750W.  Below those, we have the specifications for the both units.

Pros Don't Just Play Games, Pros Win Games!
Dedicated to delivering premium power solutions, OCZ’s latest PSU was co-developed with twelve-time world champion Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel to meet the specific needs of fellow gamers in performance, stability, and ease of integration to reduce system downtime.
Built for Gamers
Featuring a sleek look, glowing LEDs, and modular cable design ideal for gamers and case modders, keep your case tidy and maximize airflow while showing off your rig during gaming events. With a powerful single +12V rail, this PSU is capable of delivering continuous power up 45°C ideal for a demanding multi-GPU gaming rig and stable power for Intel®Haswell™ -based gaming rigs.
Extremely Cool and Quiet
Powered by a large load and temperature controlled fan, the Fatal1ty Series maintains ultimate stability and silence during the most intense gaming sessions, eliminating distracting noises from your PC and reducing heat buildup inside your gaming rig. With 80 Plus Bronze certification, the PSU operates at an excellent 85% efficiency under real world operating environments to lighten your energy burden.
Leading Warranty and Support
The Fatal1ty gaming PSU series comes backed by a 3- to 5-Year warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.



We'll continue on with the next page as we look at cables and open up the unit to see what makes it tick.