OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming PSU - Testing the Fatal1ty 750W

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OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming PSU
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Testing the Fatal1ty 750W

PSU Load


We have posted up a few images from the Tektronics TDS2002 Dual Channel scope below to show you in reality how the power signal looks.  Things like this a multi-meter can't tell you.  While there is always some noise on every PSU line, it was interesting to see the "ripple" on the 12v line.  Take a look and then we'll summarize below.


12v Rail








I didn’t know what to expect from this PSU, but as it turns out, the Fatal1ty by OCZ handles itself quite well and the noise isn’t too extreme at all. As you will notice in the above chart, we have 12mV ripple and noise measurement on the 3.3v rail, 6mV on the 5v and 24mV on the 12V line. The ATX specifications state that 50mV is allowed on the 3.3v and 5.0v rails but 120mV is acceptable on the 12v rails. By these standards, the PSU performed well under the acceptable range in all of the 3.3v, 5v and 12v tests. The only one where there was a high amount of noise was the -12v coming in off the most taxing test at 112mV but it can fluctuate by 10mV. These results are mostly solid even with a 798W load.  The -12v results were a bit disappointing, it still wasn’t a death-blow to the product. 

Ave. Ripple


Ave. Voltage


The voltage on most of the tests were decently steady on the OCZ Fatal1ty Gaming Gear PSU, although the -12v shows the greatest fluctuation of all the rails. From 11w-282w we see the largest change at .4v and from there to 798w you will notice a .3v change. This is not detrimental and should not be worried over.



The OCZ Fatal1ty Gaming Gear 750W PSU certainly did not over-perform, but neither did it underperform. It handled all we threw at it like a champ, although it did start to get quite warm do to the fact that we had the fan partially removed in order to hook up our test equipment, but since we only did that for testing there will be no cause for concern under normal circumstances. I would have no issues putting this PSU in my rig if I was shopping for a 750W 80+ Bronze unit.

Overall, I was quite impressed with this PSU and I absolutely love the modular connectors.  It does what they claim, plus a little more and we are very pleased with the overall performance.  It’s not a perfect solution for everyone, but for ~$90 or less online, it’s a good choice that should perform for years.  Even with multiple cards on a Core i7 system, this PSU should have enough juice to keep you happy and your gear running solid.  It’s not perfect, or perfectly quiet, but it really didn’t add a lot of noise to our test system either.  This unit scores a solid “Silver”.

  • Mild electrical noise
  • Rated at 750w continuous
  • Decent amount of connectors 
  • Stable at high load
  • Great size
  • Classy exterior finish
  • Easy cable storage bag 
  • LED fan
  • Total. Modular. Connectors.



  • -12v had a bit too much noise



I'd like to thank OCZ Technology for sending over this power supply for us to review.  It's nice to see that they addressed some of the weaknesses of the original silencer series.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them at the link below.