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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Smartphone
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The following information has been pulled from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 product page and posted here for your convenience.  As always, you should check out the product page for all of the details.  In the meantime, we have the current information available below.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes ordinary daily tasks extraordinary. Its reimagined S Pen puts time-saving shortcuts at your fingertips. The Multi Window feature makes multi-tasking effortless. And the dazzling 5.7-inch display and groundbreaking Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system bring it all to life like never before. For a smarter large screen experience, look to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - everyday made easier.

Next Level S Pen:
The reimagined S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has transformed our smartphone experience. A modern evolution of classic note taking, the S Pen helps you accomplish everyday tasks in the push of a button. Thanks to its innovative Air Command menu of short cuts, you’re only a click away from the following time-saving features:

  • Pen Window. Perfect for multi-tasking without leaving your current screen, simply draw a box of any size and select one of the most frequently-used Samsung apps to appear inside - from calculator to web browser
  • Action Memo. Use a written note to make a call, search the web and more by converting it instantly into formatted content
  • Direct Pen Input. Instead of typing, use the S Pen to input text wherever it’s required and watch handwriting recognition change your words in a flash
  • Scrapbooker. Save online content and web addresses in one common place by drawing around text and images to create a personal scrapbook of your favourite things
  • Screen Write. Share an annotated screen shot in a split-second by capturing the image, writing your comments and sending it out in one swift motion
Note 3 With S Pen
Advanced Multi Window
For a true multi-tasking experience, it doesn’t get better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Its impressive 5.7-inch screen and Multi Window function means you can operate two separate apps at the same time and in remarkable clarity. You can even open the same app side by side, so you can write that all-important email message as you keep an eye on your inbox, with an added Drag & Drop feature making multi-tasking that much more simple.
Elegant and Powerful
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 delivers a premium user experience, fuelled by Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. With one of the world's most powerful operating systems at the heart of the device, its performance is seamless - apps run smoother, navigation feels easier and graphics flow more freely than ever before. Innovative and intuitive in equal measure, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is what next generation technology is all about.
Product Design
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 makes a memorable first impression, with a traditional, stitched leather-like backing sitting comfortably in your palm, and a crisp bezel and metallic frame giving it a more modern feel. Blending craftsmanship and sleek design, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 distinguishes itself from the competition.
Note 3 Profile
Voice Wakeup
When your hands are full, touchless voice control wakes up your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and gets it ready for anything. Just say "Hi Galaxy" even when the screen's off, and then use voice commands to make a call, set the timer or send a text message - perfect for when your fingers can't do the talking.
Smart Switch
When you make the move to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the time-saving Smart Switch feature lets you bring along all your contacts, music, videos, calendar entries, photos, SMS messages and more. It even finds your apps, or the closest alternative, if you’re new to Android. For worry-free transfers from phone to phone, there’s nothing better than Smart Switch.
Your privacy is serious business, which is why the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is our first smartphone to come with SAFE and KNOX preloaded. The SAFE software means you can securely access critical information wherever you are, with On-Device Encryption protecting your most sensitive data. And with KNOX, you get a military-grade solution that creates two profiles on your phone to keep your work and private lives separate, while safeguarding everything in the event of hacking, malware, loss or theft.





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