Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones
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Testing and Final Thoughts


I have a pin head that makes it difficult to tighten a headband small enough to fit properly. I was delighted to find that I was able to adjust the Momentum headphones down to my size. I have to admit that the only Apple product I own is my 2nd generation iPod Nano so I could not get the volume control or microphone to work. However, judging by Sennheiser's other products, I have no doubt as to the quality of the microphone on the Momentum headphones.

I plugged these puppies into my ThinkPad and rocked out there. I must say I was surprised at how much detail I could pick up in the music when compared to cheap desktop speakers and other headphones - including the BlueAnt Embrace on-ear headphones. I have tested these headphones to a wide array of music including:"Something's Got a Hold on Me" Christina Aguilera, P!nk "So What", and TobyMac "Eye On It". All tested music had crisp, clear sound. The bass was thumping at the right levels without being too weak or overpowering. Vocals were crystal clear in any type of music or media (try Audible for a free book).  The treble seemed to be well balanced, but on some songs, it seemed a bit strong. When I turned up the volume on my PC, iPod, or Android phone, I could not detect any distortion. If you plugged these into a high-end headphone amplifier, I'm sure you could get them to distort at some point, but in normal operation, they are fantastic.
Sennheiser Momentum Profile
If you are going to be turning up the volume, make sure the people around you have similar tastes in music as well, because they will hear it too. While the Momentum headphones do a fair job at damping sound for the listener, they do not hold all of the sound in. That is one drawback with any on-ear headphones. 
As I continued to listen to music, I listened to "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" Chris Rice (Piano music), "Hero" by Skillet and all of it came through clear and rocking. Audiobooks were next on the list and I listen to books a lot. The voices were robust, clear, and made for exciting listen. 


Carrying the headphones around (which I do not know why you would when you could be wearing them, rocking out) is convenient with the carrying case and this case is ideal for storing them in as well. I found the ear pads to be comfortable on the ears which are great. I have the BlueAnt Embrace headphones and they are a bit uncomfortable after a few minutes of use. With that in mind, I’m making the switch.

Another bonus feature is that with the Momentum, you are able to replace the ear pads if yours become damaged or wear out. At this point I need to take them off, stop dancing around and finish this review. 


The Sennheiser Momentum on-ear headphones were a great listing adventure for me. They look fantastic, feel comfortable, and are worth every penny. I wish I had been able to test the volume control, but without an Apple device, I just can’t do it. The amazing sound makes it easy to see why you would spend $249 MSRP. I believe these headphone will be the last ones I wear and use for a long, long time. Hopefully down the road I can get a set of these and I'll happily replace my BlueAnt Embrace headphones.

  • Travel case
  • All over comfort
  • Two cables
  • Great balance of bass and vocals
  • Replaceable ear pads

  • Volume control and mic only work with newer Apple products
  • A bit expensive for on-ear headphones


I'd like to thank Sennheiser for sending the Momentum On-Ear headphones over for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them in the forum at the link below.