RAVPower 10400mAh RP-PB07 Power Bank - Testing and Final Thoughts

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RAVPower 10400mAh RP-PB07 Power Bank
Testing and Final Thoughts


Multiple Cell Phones: Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4
All phones were below 10% battery, and were charged until full. The RP-PB07 was charged to full before starting and sat for 16 hours between tests to allow cell phones to be used to run their batteries back down.
  • Nexus 4 (charged 2x)
  • Galaxy Nexus (charged 2x)
  • iPhone 4 (charged 1x)

After charging phones from ~10% battery to full 5 times, the unit was still showing 1/4 bars of remaining charge. On the 6th charging session, the unit ran out of charge.

All Plugged In


GoPro Hero video camera 

The battery on the GoPro was run down until it shut off between each charge. 

  • GoPro Hero (charged 5x)

After 5 charges of the GoPro, the RP-PB07 was still showing 2/4 bars. Mathematically, I could have gone to almost 8 charges of the GoPro, but the numbers were adding up properly (The GoPro battery is 1100 mAh)



Not only does the unit do what it claims, but it does it well. The results of the charge tests leave no doubt in my mind that there is in fact a 10400 mAh battery in the unit without having to crack the case for a closer look. However if you do want to crack the case open to verify, simply remove the sticker on the bottom of the unit to reveal a single Philips screw. 

Ease of use is in the top 5% of devices I have ever used. The fact that the battery pack itself charges via micro USB means that you only need one cable to charge either the battery pack or your device, and RAVPower includes 2 cables. One cable now stays at my desktop computer for charging the RP-PB07, and one in my pack to charge devices. If I ever lose a cable, the other can take its place. Since they did not chose a proprietary charging cable it is easy to replace for under $10 at any computer store. Checking the remaining charge on the unit is as simple as pushing a button, and not a tiny one at that. The only flaw I found in the unit is the fact that the charge indicator button sticks out about 0.1mm above the side of the unit. If you set it upside down on a flat surface and put any weight on it, you will activate the charge remaining indicator LEDs. Bravo for keeping it simple RAVPower. 

  • Good size
  • Works as advertised
  • 2 USB cables come with the unit
  • Very solid build quality
  • Price



  • Charge indicator button could be recessed just a tiny bit more. 


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