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Application: BitStrips

Good day Android App readers! However you start your day, whether it’s reading the newspaper or the internet to get your news fix, somewhere along the way you may come across some humor. I know I’ve tried to look for comic apps in the past, but didn’t have much luck. As I was surfing through Facebook I saw some funny comics that were posted called Bitstrips. I quickly checked to see if they were on the Google Play store or if it was just a Facebook thing. Lo and behold, it was on Google Play! I know it exists for iOS users as well, so this pick is multi-platform! It is a fairly new app that came out this month that is fun and allows you to share some humor among your friends.

BitStrips BitStrips BitStrips


When you install it on your device, you sign in with your Facebook account. Once you sign in, you can create an avatar that looks like you - if you want. If you wanted to create your mom, you could do that too, but I don’t think she would find it as funny. Once you have your avatar, check to see if some friends are using Bitstrips so you can include them in your comic of the day. You can choose whether to share on Facebook, Bitstrips or both. Before sharing, you’re able to edit the comic to fit you and your friends if the comic has more than one person.

BitStrips BitStrips BitStrips


If you want to share to other networks, simply go to “Comics by You” or “Comics by Your Friends” and hit the share icon on the comic you want to share.

Be the next comic maker!

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