Android App Pick - Where's My Water? 2

Application: Where's My Water? 2

Good day fellow humans! I Hope your week has been going well. Some of you Canadians may have just watched the Grey Cup game between the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and the Hamilton Tiger Cats and had some time between plays to relax and catch your breath. I hate to admit it, but I forgot to tune in. From what I've heard from some football fans, the game was dominated by the green team. Another thing that is green is Swampy from Where's My Water? Of course I’m talking about that friendly green 'gator that just wants to take his bath with all his ducks in a row. Well, he's back for round two! This time he brought along a gang that needs your help, in Where's My Water 2.

Title Screen Levels Challenge


Just like the first one, gameplay involves simply making paths through the dirt and collecting as many ducks as you can as you get water to Swampy for his bath. There are some twists and turns in this one that make it slightly different. 1) New levels. 2) Added characters. 3) 100+ levels are all free! I haven't seen a paid version yet at all. You can also login to Facebook and connect with friends to see how they are doing and how the heck they passed that crazy level that seems impossible! You need to collect enough ducks to help you advance through the game. When you go back to redo a level, you unlock some challenges that can be done to earn extra ducks.



Come and visit Swampy and the gang for watery adventure!

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