Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Edition - $50 - $100 Gift Ideas

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Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Edition
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$51 - $100 Gift Ideas

Silicon Power D20 2.5-inch Portable HDD - $75 - $100
This beautiful little drive is a speedy USB 3.0 drive that performs as good as it looks.  We've had great experience with Silicon Power products over the past years, and the D20 is an affordable drive coming in both 500GB and 1TB capacities that is sure to help make data more portable. Not only do you get a great drive in the package, you also get a nice software bundle with the "SP Widget" download.


HP Pocket Playlist - $100
No matter how much storage you have on your mobile device, you can never have enough if you are traveling. The HP Pocket Playlist comes to the rescue and allows you to put movies, music and photos on this device. You can stream the content to five devices simultaneously and it supports iOS, Windows, Android and even Kindle (Fire) products. If you want to control what movies and music are played, take a look and see how this will save your road trip this holiday season.

Pocket Playlist


ROCCAT Kone XTD Mouse - $89
ROCCAT knows gaming products. They are one of the few companies that continue to impress me and give me "mouse envy" whenever they release a new flagship mouse. The Kone XTD is one of their better mice - ever and it combines an impressive 8200dpi sensor with a built-in processor and a great overall feel. If you need a mouse that won't let you down - both as your own device and one as a gift - the Kone XTD is the mouse that will keep your geek/gamer smiling.

Kone XTD



Silicon Power Sky Share S10 Wi-Fi SD Card - $70 - $100
Not every camera has built-in Wi-Fi sharing and if you have a DSLR or older camera that doesn't support wireless transfer of images to your computer or mobile devices, something like the Sky Share S10 from Silicon Power is a great idea. The card ships as a MicroSD card with the Wireless magic housed in the MicroSD-to-SD adapter. It supports Android and iOS as well, so you don't have to worry about compatibility. The Sky Share S10 comes in 16GB and 32GB sizes, so you should be able to get through the day without issues.

Sky Share

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