Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Edition - $101 - $200 Gift Ideas

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$101 - $200 Gift Ideas

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse Speaker Set - $199
Edifier is one of those companies that aren't afraid to break the mold when it comes to product design. We've taken a look at quite a few of their products over the years and last CES we saw the E25 Eclipse Speakers and were impressed - on the noisy show floor. This is a speaker that looks like it won't perform as they appear to have form over function, but somehow Edifier has managed to pull off both. This is a great set that can be connected wirelessly as well as by a standard headphone jack.

Edifier Eclipse


Microsoft Surface RT Tablet - $199
If you picked up a Surface RT on Black Friday, you got a good deal at $199 and have a great gift to give someone this Christmas. The Surface RT 32GB is not the fastest or most robust tablet around, but with the familiar Windows interface and a MicroSD card slot, you can easily and affordably take this up to a 64GB or 96GB. Overall this device has a design that is familiar - and it won't break the bank. It's a different ecosystem than many tablet users are used to, but it quickly becomes familiar. To top it all off, it's built like a tank.

Surface RT


Moto G Smartphone - $179 (8GB), $199 (16GB)
The Moto G has been recently released, and while it's not a flagship device, it's a very solid unit for an absolutely great price. This phone packs in a quad-core CPU that powers a 4.5-inch 720p display. It comes carrier-unlocked and is ready to go. The only downsides are the memory size and the lack of LTE support. Still, for under $200 with no contract, you can't go wrong with this KitKat upgradeable device.

Moto G


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