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$201 - $300 Gift Ideas

HP Chromebook 11 - $279
Google pioneered the sub-$300 laptop with their Chromebook a little over a year ago and since they broke ground, there has been a few companies jump on this bandwagon. HP has joined the game with their Chromebook 11 and while the market is being crowded with Windows laptops approaching the $300 barrier, there is a certain simplicity and functionality behind a Chromebook that makes it appealing. The HP Chromebook 11 comes with 16GB of storage and no moving parts. There has been an issue with some chargers recently, but it's coming back and will be stronger than ever.



Sonos PLAY:1 Speaker - $219
There are a lot of companies that make Bluetooth and Wireless speakers, but Sonos is a company that does an amazing job with their wireless products. The PLAY:1 is a speaker system that is modular and can be enhanced with extra speakers placed around your room, your office, your house and more. If you want great sound, excellent platform compatibility and support, make sure to check out the PLAY:1 and you’ll soon see and hear why it's on our gift guide this year.



Sennheiser CXC 700 In-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headphones - $210
Sennheiser makes some pretty decent products and their full-sized headphones are awesome in my opinion. The truth is, for travelling they are often too big. The CXC 700 In-Ear Active Noise Cancelling earphones are a great trade-off between full-sized quality and portability. They do a great job at passively blocking out noise and they kick things into overdrive with the active cancelling technology called "NoiseGard". If you travel a lot and want to travel light, these provide comfort and excellent performance.

CXC 700


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