Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Edition - $301 - $500 Gift Ideas

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$301 - $500 Gift Ideas

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet - $349 (16GB Wi-Fi)
There are a lot of good Android tablets on the market today, but there is only one "Note" series. Samsung's Note products take a good Android tablet and turn it into a great device by including a very accurate and useful S Pen. This makes the Note one of the absolute best and by far most versatile Android tablets around.

Note 8.0


PlayStation 4 - $399
Leading up to Christmas there has been a lot of console news. Both Microsoft and Sony released their new consoles and Steam is making waves with their upcoming Steam Box. This year we are picking the PS4 as our console to give (or receive) as it is a great package for $100 less than the Xbox One. Both of these consoles will be a big upgrade over their predecessors, but the Sony PS4 offers more raw value to gamers.



Samsung DA-E750 Premium Wireless Audio Dock DA-E750 - $500
There are a few different version of the Wireless Audio Dock from Samsung, but if you're going to go with one of these - go big or just stay in your quiet, boring house. The EA750 features a ton of input options - both wired and wireless, and combines all of that into a highly polished wooden speaker unit that is amazing. The audio is rich, warm and wonderful as it passes through an analog tube amp as well as a digital amp for unmatched sound. This one is on my wish list.

E-750 Dock


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