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$501 - $2500 Gift Ideas

Digital Storm Bolt - Starting at $999
If you'd rather get a root canal than play first-person-shooter games on a console, then you'll love the Digital Storm Bolt as it is one of the better gaming PCs for the money. While the default specs aren't crazy high, the overall package is amazing. The Bolt comes in a custom-built case that can accept standard graphics cards and is easily upgradeable. Digital Storm also offers great warranties and has amazing support. The Bolt isn't much bigger than an Xbox 360 and can be configured to be a PC gaming beast.



Sony Vaio Flip PC - Starting at $1099
Sony didn't invent the Ultrabook but they have tweaked it and made something a little special. The Sony VAIO Flip PC comes in a couple of sizes and a whole host of configurations. All of these are full-on Ultrabook PCs and come with a great screen option that allows you to flip it and display your screen in multiple ways. If you are a road warrior - or have a healthy budget and know a road warrior, the Flip PC is a nifty take on Ultrabooks that offers flexibility as well as style and performance.

Sony VAIO Flip


Samsung UN60F7100 60-in LED Smart HDTV - $2200
If you've got a big budget and want a great TV for you your family to enjoy, you can't get much better than the UN60F7100 TV from Samsung. This TV is not cheap, but it's probably one of the best 1080p units for the price. If you're into 3D, it comes with four pairs of active-shutter glasses and has enough SMART features to make even your professor proud. Under the hood is a dual-core Samsung processor so the extra TV functions flow smooth as butter.

Samsung UN60F7100

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