Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Edition

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Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Edition
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Christmas is a great time to spread cheer and take a moment to remember why we actually have the season. It is a Christian holiday where we celebrate the birth of a Savior. Many cultures celebrate the season for one reason or another and in western society, we celebrate by giving gifts to friends and family (or those we have to in an office pool). If some people on your list are hard to shop for, we've got a few suggestions that may help take some of the pain out of holiday shopping. We've broken the list down into different price categories in order to make it easier to find something in your price range.

Under $50

Google Play Gift Cards - $15, $25 & $50
Nothing says "I didn't know what to get you" like a gift card. Normally, I'd have to agree, but with the very recent release of Google Play Cards here in Canada, nothing says - "buy your own apps" like one of these. Everyone with an Android device will agree, that a Google Play Card is a great gift.

Play Cards


RAVPower 10400mAh RP-PB07 Battery Pack - $36
Most of have enough mobile devices - and use them enough to know you often can't make it through a day of heavy use. At times, you're nowhere near a power plug to charge up your phone, iPod, tablet or other USB-enabled device. That's where a product like the RAVPower 10400mAh battery comes in. Once it's charged, it can recharge many cell phones up to four times and this makes it a great gift and a good idea to pack wherever you go.


bCODA Multishare USB Jak - $49
Not everyone can afford an expensive SMART TV that connects to your phone - nor do we all have Samsung TVs and Samsung mobile devices. If you have a mismatched setup and your TV has a USB port for playing media, the Multishare USB Jak is a great device that allows you to stream media off your Android device. It makes almost any dumb-TV into a semi-SMART TV.


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