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Spire Bliss 9 Pro+ Conclusion


As we wrap up this review, I took time to break things down into different categories to give you a real good idea of how it all stacks up.

Quality: 8/10

Everyone loves a product that can hold together when you get it out of the box and or use it! The Bliss Pro+ from Spire is a sturdy piece of hardware that holds together well. Of course any tablet can break or chip if dropped or treated roughly but the Spire Bliss Pro+ looks and feels well made. When comparing it with other tablets, it ranks right up there. I know that the overall feel of it when compared to the Galaxy Note 8.0 would be pretty close. This is the only tablet I've reviewed from Spire so I really don't know how this compares to their other products. The Bliss Pro+ is their upper-tier product and it feels like it. One thing that coule be better is screen resolution, speakers, headphone jack and audio experience overall. Also if the microphone faced more toward the front it could pick up your voice better. Overall, the quality lived up to my expectations.

Spire Bliss 9 Pro+ Front Bliss Back


Performance: 7/10

When it came to overall performance, my expectations were a little low considering how the audio was less than I expected. The screen resolution was a little low, but it worked well. The Bliss Pro+ Tablet did pretty well in application loading, multitasking, and displaying things on the big screen. Also the fact that you can plug in other USB inputs and other outputs is nice – and that all worked very well. I do like the fact that the tablet has some extra inputs and outputs, such as HDMI, the USB port and SD Card slot. Also the screenshot button is easy to get to and is very useful – as are the volume buttons.

The camera works well - but it won't replace a traditional point-and-shoot. The Bliss Pro+ has both front and rear-facing cameras.  Scrolling through the home-screens was slightly slow with it running 4.2. Web pages load up quickly and look great. Finally, launching apps is responsive and social networks load and run quite well.

Mobile Browsing Google Now


Accessories: 9/10

When I opened the box I found the tablet (w00t!), a user manual, Micro USB cable, OTG cable, and a European wall AC power adaptor. This makes sense if you live in Europe or are visiting for a while. Unfortunately, they didn't notice the memo that we lived in North America. If they ship out to North America in retail channels, you'll be sure to get an adapter that you can use. Thankfully it charges by a micro-USB cable and as I have other Android device, I was able to use my Canadian power adapter plug to charge up! Although it wasn't included a nice touch would be to include the mini-HDMI cable as sometimes they can be hard to come across.



Installation: 9/10

There is nothing to install when you get the Bliss Pro+. Copying and transferring stuff between your PC and tablet should be pretty easy and straightforward. Stick your MicroSD card in and load it up, then play whatever you are able to! If you want to go wirelessly, you can always try using the Wi-Fi File Explorer App to transfer files back and forth. It looks like you can set it up like a cell phone and receive a monthly data network from your phone company if it’s possible or even manage data usage when hook up an internet stick. App installation is painless - just as with any Android product. Although the Bliss Pro+ is currently running Jellybean 4.2 - hopefully it will get 4.3 update and possibly KitKat down the road.

Apps List Widget List


Value: 8/10

So we're down to the wire where everyone is wondering if all these extra features that are on the tablet are worth it. When shopping for a tablet, you're counting your nickels, hoping for a great deal somewhere and usually trying to catch a sale. Also you want a tablet that works for you. This tablet would probably sell here in North America for $150 and at that price you're wondering why it is so affordable. The reasons are these: it has lower screen resolution than some of the competition. That doesn't make it a bad tablet, but the screen doesn't "pop" and impress you as other screens do on premium tablets. The screen is often one of the more expensive components, and this screen helps them keep the price low. Over in Europe Samsung tablets are very expensive making this option a lot more attractive to many people.

  • Affordable price
  • HDMI out
  • TF ( Micro SD) card slot
  • Keyboard and mouse compatible
  • Easy access to buttons
  • Front and back camera
  • Can add extra storage, WWAN, USB Flash and more through the USB port



  • Microphone is not very impressive
  • Average screen resolution
  • "Tinny" sound when listening through headphones
  • Didn’t accept headphones with in-line microphone


You have to realize the market the Spire Bliss 9 Pro+ is aimed for before you judge too harshly. In the end, we can award the Spire Bliis 9 Pro+ 8.2/10 and it earns our Silver Award.



BCCHardware welcomes and thanks Spire for looking us up and sending this tablet over for us to review. We hope to work with them in the future with more of their products. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please post it in the forum at the link below.