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Product: Spire Bliss 9 Pro+ Tablet
Provided By: Spire
Price: ~$179.99 MSRP at time of publication


It's that time of the year where it gets down to the wire for what to get others for Christmas. There are a lot of things on the shelves to give and technology seems to be high on the list these days. Tablets are certainly being made for all ages, and when I say all ages - there are even products geared for elementary kids. I'm not reviewing a kid's product today as this tablet is designed for all ages. As with any piece of non-kid-proof tech, I think it will be much safer in a teen or adults hands.

Box of Bliss
Box of Bliss


About Spire:

Spire is not a new company, but they are a new affiliate here at BCCHardware. So far we've reviewed a tablet stand and today we are following up with something to put on that stand. Spire is based in the Netherlands and started business in 1998. Their corporate office is in the Netherlands, but have branched out their sales offices to Japan and Brazil. They actually build their products in Shenzhen China as well as a few other locations for consumers and other partner products. Three major business fields they exceed in are computer thermal solutions, power supplies and enclosure. Spire strives to become stronger, sincere, and seeks the latest innovative technology around. Their main goal is "to build on the current success of the Spire brand so that our brand is recognized worldwide as a provider of top quality computing solutions"  More information on Spire is available here.

Bliss 9 Pro+
Bliss 9 Pro+


Closer Look:

As I previously mentioned, Spire has given us the 9-inch Bliss Pro+ - their newest and best 9-inch device. At first glance some things are very noticeable, such as the nice shiny white back where their name and website are proudly displayed. You won't have to try and figure out who made it or where to get support. The speaker is on the back as well and this may cause some issues later. Along the edges of the tablet you'll find the headphone jack, a power button, Micro-USB charging cable input to charge the tablet, a physical back button, mini-HDMI cable input to hook up to your TV or computer, two tiny holes – one is a microphone for recording or voice commands. Also along the edge is a TF-Card Slot (MicroSD) for expandable storage. Some major features for the 9-inch tablet include dual cameras, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and Android 4.2. The Jellybean goodness is displayed on the 1024x600 screen that has a five-point capacitive digitizer. Soft buttons on the screen include volume, screenshot, home and back buttons.

Camera and Ports
Camera & Ports


We have reviewed tablets in the past and we recently reviewed the Galaxy Note 8.0. In comparison the Bliss Pro+ is about an inch bigger. The Bliss Pro+ is also more of an entry level tablet as compared to the premium Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Both have dual-core processors and do what they are designed to do.

Ports Close

Although tablets are new to Spire the fit well into their tech-product portfolio. They have a few other 7-inch and 9-inch tables as well. As mentioned earlier, they also have several cases, fans, PSUs, PC accessories including mice, keyboards and more. They even have little cooling accessories such as “Y” splitters for PWM case fans. Spire has a little bit of everything to help outfit the tech enthusiast. See more of their accessories here.

On the next page we'll take a look at the features and specifications of the Bliss 9 Pro+ before we continue on through the review.