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Application: Bible for Kids

Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen. It feels like it’s coming so very quickly and is just around the corner! There is no better time now to be thinking Christmas with friends and family young and old. With all the running around and commercialization, gift buying and Santa, things get pretty crazy. I do support Christmas and buy gifts for people – there’s nothing wrong with that, but in the midst of the madness we need to slow down and find the real deal about why we have Christmas. For those of you that have kids, or want a fun simple Bible, check out Bible For Kids.

Bible for Kids Bible For Kids


The creators of the YouVersion Bible app have created a Bible app for kids. It’s interactive as it tells the story of creation, Easter, Christmas and so on.  At this point there are six stories to go through. The app will read to you like an audio book and as an added bonus, you are able to tap the animals, people even plants and watch them “come alive” with sound and motion. Throughout each story, they give you a trivia question every now and then. Collect stars and gems as they will come in handy down the road! Throughout all the reading and listening you can check the actual Bible reference for further reading. The app is a quick way of telling several Bible stories and there is more on the way.

Bible for Kids Bible for Kids


Find the real meaning of Christmas this season.


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