Samsung S27C750P 27-inch LED Monitor - Subjective Tests and Conclusion

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Performance - Text:

The majority of my use and is text and internet browsing and I used the S27C750P in this regard as a primary display on a gaming PC for several weeks and moderately pleased with the overall text quality.  The resolution on this 27-inch unit is only 1920x1080 and while many people may love the larger text, I find the low pixel density leaves a bit of a "window screen" appearance on the display and you can clearly see the pixels and more notably the gap in between the pixels. This is a common issue with any large standard resolution display and this is why I'm a fan of large displays with a higher resolution - or this same resolution on a 23-inch - 24-inch display. The text is large enough on this display, but the overall appearance of the text looks a little blocky to me with the pixel gap.


Performance - Video/Photo:

I didn't have much time to watch movies, but I did make sure to watch some HD movies on the S27C750P display. The upside to having a full 1080p display and not something higher is that movies look very good on the display. When calibrated correctly, the movies were sharp and looked natural - not like some super vivid TVs that make everything look ultra-realistic to the point of fake.  Blu-Ray movies looked great as did every other type of video content. If it looked bad, I could only blame it on the quality of the source - the display performed flawlessly.  When it comes to working with photos, once the display is calibrated properly, it is decent but the pixel density (or lack of it) took some time to get used to. While the color is quite accurate and that is a big deal for photographers, the overall image quality of a 24MP image gets lost a bit in the display. It's decent, but in my mind it's not the greatest for photo editing or showcasing your images.


Performance - Gaming:

I'm spoiled when it comes to gaming on LCD displays. I currently use a 30" Samsung 305T or an ASUS 120Hz 3D Monitor and am used to having things run like butter. Thankfully the S27C750P can deliver a very good gaming experience. The 5ms GtG rating is fast enough for most games and I never noticed any "ghosting" on this unit as I do on my 305T and even the MD230X3 Eyefinity setup we tested a while back.

With the screen was completely calibrated for color and brightness, gaming was a pleasure at the same settings. The calibrated display worked very well and the large screen, combined with the 1920x1080 resolution made Call of Duty: Ghosts look better and run smoother than on the 305T. In fact, that particular game looks absolutely horrible at 2560x1600.  Overall, it was a great experience out of the box or calibrated. Both Xbox and PC gaming was an absolute pleasure on this display.



Portrait Mode:

This monitor has the ability to rotate and function easily in both landscape and portrait mode. Most applications and designed for landscape mode and that’s how we used it for most of testing. If you are doing a lot of programming, text editing or writing though, the portrait mode is pretty handy as you now have a display that is 1080x1920 and it gives you a lot more screen length for editing those large and long documents. Before you rotate the LCD into the portrait orientation, make sure you change the display mode in your drivers as well. That way you don’t have to try and navigate your computer screen with your head turned sideways.



The S27C750P is a very decent monitor that comes in at a decent price point. You can currently find it online for around $350. At that price, it's a very attractive display. When you combine the fact that it has a couple of HDMI connections as well as an older VGA connection, it becomes a bit more attractive. It doesn't have a ton of different input options and I'd like to see DisplayPort on more devices, but most systems have HDMI and this makes it pretty universal.

The build quality of the bezel and overall appearance is pretty nice. When it comes to eye-candy, Samsung knows how to make plastic look good. The stand is the piece of hardware that gets me though. While I absolutely love the location of the rear ports and how the integrated cable management works so perfectly, the fact that there is no height adjustment is a little disappointing. I use desk that had an elevated area for my monitor and as such, I often have to lower the display in order to keep my eyes even with the screen. The S27C750P is too high on this desk and my neck pays the price as I have to look up all the time.

The portrait mode is nice. While many people won't use it often, it is really handy for those of us that do use this feature. I do a lot of text work and this display is fantastic for things like this. If you do a lot of text editing, writing or programming, this LCD is a great choice in that department – as long as you have it far enough away that you can't see the pixel grid.

At the end of the day, I'm kind of lost as to who this monitor is really for. While the portrait mode is designed for programmers the lack of pixel density on the large screen makes staring at text for hours a little hard on the eyes - my eyes at least. I know that not everyone is as fussy as me in this area - but some are fussier.

Where this monitor really shines is for watching videos and for gaming. Even though it isn't 120Hz or better, it has very fluid movement and doesn't ghost or lag at all. I was very impressed with it for gaming - both on the PC as well as on the Xbox 360. Video and motion work very well as your eyes are constantly moving over the screen.


  • Attractive design
  • Portrait Mode
  • Multiple inputs
  • Excellent cable management
  • Good color accuracy
  • No "ghosting" in video games or movies
  • Good cable management



  • No height adjustment
  • Low pixel density
  • 19% variation in brightness uniformity
  • No DisplayPort or DVI Input



I'd like to thank Samsung for sending us this display for the review. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the link below.