Sennheiser Momentum Black Closed Circumaural Headphones - Testing and Final Thoughts

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As I mentioned earlier in this review, I have tried out and owned a lot of different headphones and earphones over the years. I'm not a full-on audiophile, but I do love good, clean sound. I'd much rather have accurate and well-balanced sound than brain shaking bass. Not that bass is a bad thing. I like bass, but I like it balanced and clean - not overpowering and mushy. As I mentioned previously, I do like the comfortable fit of the Sennheiser Momentum Black headphones. They are nice and lightweight and breath well on your head so your ears won't get too hot. While this might sound like a silly thing to mention, I've used other headphones that didn't breath and after 30 minutes or so they were uncomfortable enough that you'd stop wearing them. The Sennheiser Momentum headphones have a large range of adjustment and should fit pretty much anyone.

I used my laptop and the ASUS Xonar U3 soundcard as well as an iPod Classic to test out the Sennheiser Momentum Black Headphones. The interesting thing is that when you listen to low bitrate music (96kbps - 128kbps), it doesn't sound that good at all. The Momentum headphones reproduce all the white noise and hiss as well as the audio compression artifacts in the music and at first listen, I wasn't all that impressed. Once I got home and downloaded some 320kbps and other lossless music was I impressed. This goes to show that any product is only as good as the weakest link. Some of the audio that I'd been satisfied with previously was clearly the weakest link.

Once I found some great audio I really enjoyed these headphones. I loaded up my computer and media player with a little bit of everything including Buckcherry, Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon Linkin Park, P.O.D. Skillent and even got a little old-school with some Creedence Clearwater Revival. There wasn't a bad listening experience in the bunch.


I started off with "Rose" by Buckcherry and the guitar and vocals were intensely clear. The Goo Goo Dolls tracks, "Rebel Beat" and "Slow it Down" are great tracks with crisp effects and a wide range of sounds from a nice kick bass to great guitar treble. The Momentum reproduced these very well. The acoustic version of "Battleships" by Daughtry was super clean and almost chilling in clarity. The slight zink of the fingers sliding on the guitar strings puts you right there. Foo Fighters were up next and "Rope" was a great track that really felt and sounded great as this is classic alternative at it's best. The treble always appeared well-balanced and wasn't harsh or sharp while the bass line and vocals balanced almost perfectly.

Kings of Leon have a great cleans song with "Beautiful War" and this track has a very heavy bass guitar that shows that the Sennheiser Momentum can dig deep when needed. Although the Linkin Park song, "Pushing me Away" may be overplayed, it's a great busy song with a heavy bass track and yet the vocals stay balanced very well and again, this shows off the power of good headphones as many other products I've used don't reproduce this wide range clearly.

Another acoustic song that surprised and impressed me was "Beautiful" by P.O.D. This song has a nice clean guitar track and a nice clean gentle drum track. It's very clean and absolutely crisp and clear. Moving on to Skillet, their "Not Gonna Die" track is a destined to be a classic and it is very well balanced and super crisp and clean.

When it comes to enjoying your oldies, the Momentum Black can pull it off very well - as long as the source is good. Creedence Clearwater Revival is one of my favorites and with their songs like "Green River" and "Fortunate Son" sounding so awesome on these, I'm sure they'd be your favorite songs from yesteryear as well.



The Sennheiser Momentum Closed Circumaural Headphones are great. It's hard to come up with anything much other than that. The sound absolutely fantastic. While the bass won't scare you, the truth is they are accurate. They aren't bass-heavy like a bunch of Hip Hop junk. They are clean, true, accurate, crisp, balanced, comfortable, durable and they look great. Sennheiser takes these seriously and everything from the box to the padding to the case and the cables are well presented and high quality. The headphones themselves look and feel amazing with the natural black leather, red stitching and stainless steal completing the package.

Once you put these on your head, you'll immediate notice that they aren't your grandma's headphones. They are supremely comfortable, light in weight but heavy on good sound. Everything I listened to with the Sennheiser Momentum over-the-ear headphones sounded great. Everything from soft rock to alternative, hard rock and even a little '70s classic rock was fantastic. Audiobooks and Podcasts sounded equally good and they didn't disappoint at all.

The only disappointing thing for me is the price. At $400, they are not cheap at all, but when compared some of Sennheiser's other larger products that cost more money, I guess they do fit in. They are price $150 more than the on-ear headphones we looked at a while back, and in my opinion are worth the extra money as they are much more comfortable and block out a bit more sound due to the closed nature of the design. I just wish I could keep these and had an extra $400 laying around right now. Hands down, these are the nicest, clearest and cleanest headphones I've used and I highly recommend trying out a pair for yourself.


  • Package and case are stellar
  • Super comfortable
  • Two cables - one for Apple products, one for everything else
  • Fantastic clarity and overall well-balanced sound
  • Black leather & red stitching
  • Stainless steel
  • Appear and feel quite durable



  • A bit expensive




I'd like to thank Sennheiser for sending the Momentum Black over-the-ear circumaural headphones over for us to review.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop them in the forum at the link below.