Func @ CES 2014

Today was a great first day at CES 2014! We had the opportunity to meet up with Func at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino. They were really excited to give us the scoop on some new products they are releasing. 
Func was showcasing some really nice looking peripherals. We were able to get a look at a few surfaces, including the surface 1030L & XL.  Func was also presenting the Ms-32 Gaming mouse that was really nice looking and really customizable. We also got a good look at their KB-460 Mechanical Keyboard that was packed with features, as well as a nice feel.
Func HS-260 Headset
The item that really struck me the most was their HS-260 Gaming Headset.  I thought the design was really versatile and could work with anyones cable-routing needs. One of the features that really showcases versatility is the ability to swap the main cable and the microphone. Both earphones can support either connection, so the cord can be routed however. The microphone can be swapped to either side or removed completely. The HS-260 also features controls right on the earphone quick adjustments. Last but not least this headset comes standard with two sets of ear cups, one set leather and one set velour.
All in all Func gave us a great reception and was really enthusiastic about the new products that are being released.
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