Mushkin @ CES 2014

On day 2 of CES 2014 we had the opportunity to stop by and visit Mushkin and catch up on what they've been up to and what they've got coming up in 2014. Mushkin is best known for their DDR memory and SSD's and this year they've got some improvements to show off in both of those categories.


Mushkin Frostbyte II DDR3 Memory


Mushkin's Frostbyte memory has been around for a while and the new Frostbyte II version offers some new speed improvements a well as a new and improved heatspreader which will help maximize performance. 

Mushkin Scorpian II Deluxe PCIe SSD

Mushkin was also showing off their new Scorpion II Deluxe PCIe x4 SSD based on the brand new LSI SF-3700 controller which offers performance that will make any enthusiast drool. These new PCIe controllers can offer speeds up to 1.8GB/s read speeds. That is not a typo, 1.8 GB/s read speeds are possible. I think I speak for everyone here at BCCHardware when I say that we really can't wait to get this drive on our test bench and see first-hand just how fast it really is.

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