Fractal Design @ CES 2014

We were really looking forward to catching up with Fractal Design today and were not disappointed. They had a lot of cool products to show us. We got a great look at their cases, a couple variations of power supplies, and even some custom builds from a XoticPC. 
Fractal Design had some new variations of power supplies from their Newton and Tesla series. The emphasis was having a quality product. There are a couple color options, as well as, having different cabling available.  The showcase items looked pretty nice. There were also a few sweet looking cases being promoted. The showcase included cases from the ARC, CORE, and NODE series. The main push was the ability to really customize these cases to suit the end users individual needs. All these cases looked and felt like Fractal Design put a great deal of thought into quality and giving their users a great deal of flexibility.
Fractal Design Build
Finally, Fractal had some cool custom builds from XoticPC. This was more to show us what could really be done with these cases. These rigs looked awesome. We are confident Fractal Design is going to have a great year with some very satisfied customers.
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