Feenix @ CES 2014

This year at CES 2014 we had the chance to meet with Feenix for the first time. It became very evident quickly that Feenix is a company who has a burning passion for gaming and that is reflected in each and every product that was being shown off at CES. 

Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse

Feenix has adopted a policy of not releasing tons of products but instead working tirelessly on the few they do have to make sure they are perfected. We had the chance to quickly play with the Nascita gaming mouse which features a small LCD screen which tells you what DPI setting you are currently set at instead of just guessing or having to go back to a software application to find out. 

We also took a look at the Feenix Autore keyboard which is a mechanical gaming keyboard aimed at gamers. Also showcased was the Feenix Dimora gaming mouse pad which is a nice compliment to a product like Feenix's Nascita gaming mouse.

One other cool product being shown off was Feenix's upcoming gaming headset, the Aria. This headset is aimed at the audiophile gamer who wants top quality audio performance without sacrificing any features that gamers demand. The Aria is still a ways off before it hits store shelves but we were overall very impressed with the short demo we had and are very interested to hopefully get some more hands-on time with it in the future. As you can see in the picture below the biggest feature is the wooden sides which help give the audio a much warmer tone than other plastic headsets offer. 

Feenix Aria Gaming Headset

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