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Application: Roman Numeral Calculator


Good morning! I was not at CES this year, but I know some of the crew was. I did however watch and read stuff from home and followed the show online to see some great things. Seeing stuff online is one thing, but being there is another and it was so cool when I was there last year. With so many neat things coming in the near future, we're going to step back a few years and take you back to the Roman times. When I was a kid we had a Roman numeral clock that chimed and you'd have to wind it up every 30 days. This last Christmas I had gotten 13 DVD set of Land Before Time movie series and the 1-10 (or should I say, I – X) is in Roman numerals and so why not download a Roman Numeral Calculator!


If you're in class and trying to crunch some numbers and your problems are Roman numerals this calculator is for you! I also downloaded a Roman numeral converter to convert numbers as well. The Roman Numeral Calculator is simple to use. You can click back and forth between seeing regular numbers and roman numbers by touching the number display screen. It's really neat that you can add, multiply, subtract and divide and then it will display the numbers as you go and the answer in both standard and Roman.


When in Rome, calculate


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