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Application: Tetris Blitz

Good typical Tuesday. We have another App Pick to share with you once again and this week we are taking a step back in time to the retro days in Soviet Russia. Most of you gamers that was born in the 80's/90's may remember Tetris!  If you know your history well, you'll already know that this is a game created by a Russian. Since the creation of this game, there have been many variations of the game - including Tetris Blitz. I wasn’t into Tetris very much until I played Tetris Blitz. There is just something addicting about placing blocks in the best organized manor that you can before it hits the top! It may even help you with organizing a lot of luggage if you're a bell boy or if you bag groceries. It may go well on your resumé.

Tetris Blitz Tetris Tetris Bonus


If you've played Tetris back before, you know how it works. For those that are new to Tetris it is quite simple to play. In Tetris Blitz you get two minutes to get as many blocks cleared as possible. There will be some blocks that are already there and then some blocks will come and an outline will appear indicating some possible places to put the block. If you don't like the choices, you can change it with the cycle button, but you have to act fast because time is ticking away! Bonus blocks appear as you level up, and these can be used to play the frenzy mode! It's a unique twist and you can get big bonus points and coins! I do much better Tetris Blitz than I do at slot machines!


In Soviet Russia, Tetris Blitzes you!


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