Genius Mordax Universal Amplified Gaming Headset - Features and Specifications

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Genius Mordax Universal Amplified Gaming Headset
Features and Specifications
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The following features and specifications have been pulled from the Genius product page and posted here for your convenience. As always, please make sure to check out the product page for all the little details as we've only posted a few bits here for your convenience.

GX Gaming unleashes the Mordax, its new universal gaming headset for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 systems. Pro gamers play games on multiple platforms, so the Mordax comes fully-loaded with the audio artillery needed to deliver explosive sound quality on each respective system. The Mordax features a built-in amplifier and 40mm neodymium driver unit to generate chest-thumping bass performance. Additionally, the Mordax also supports platform-specific chat functionality via a detachable microphone that’s both adjustable and easy to store.

The Mordax gaming headset is the premium personal audio solution for multiple platform pro gamers.




Installation for the Genius Mordax Gaming headset couldn't be any easier. For the PC simply find an available USB port and plug it in. Make sure the volume box selector switch in set to PC and you are ready to go. Setting up the Mordax for console games is pretty easy as well. The instructions have schematic diagrams for whatever setup you need. Just find the diagram of your system and use the included 3.5mm RCA stereo splitter and/or the 2.5mm Xbox Live splitter.

USB Cable RCA Cables Xbox Mic Cable


On the name page, we'll cover testing of this headset as we continue.