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Application: CBC Olympics

Good day! As the whole world knows, the Winter Olympics are currently taking place in Sochi Russia. Maybe you're not the type that might sit down and watch sports on a regular basis, but when it’s the Olympics - it's always a good time to cheer and support your country. Even though I have been making some Soviet Russian memes, I do have respect for all that are participating. I've been following a few different events and have been cheering on my country. Whether it's from the comfort of my home TV, or on the go, the CBC Olympics App delivers live coverage from every event. They also have a YouTube channel, Twitter and Facebook to even follow along too!

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The app is simple to use and no sign in required. All you need is a connection to the internet. As with all live streaming services, it can buffer at times if your internet bandwidth is limited. It’s been going great for me and the image quality is nice and clear. You are able to watch live events as well as recorded events if you missed them. There is even written news coverage if you would rather skim headlines to get your Olympic fix. Everything is on the front page and gets updated frequently. This app has you covered from medals to events, to medal ceremonies and even pictures. 

On The Podium Go Canada Racing


So far Canada has been doing very good, and is holding #1 for the medal standings at this point. Not only are us Canadians good at PC building, we also know how to "bring it" when it comes to winter sports. Go Canada!

In Soviet Russia, Olympics win you!


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