OCZ Vector 150 120GB SSD

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OCZ Vector 150 120GB SSD
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Product: OCZ Vector 150 120GB SSD
Provided By: OCZ
Price: ~$129 at time of publication


Today I have an OCZ SSD drive on my test bench. OCZ has been around for quite a while making all sorts of memory products but now primarily focuses on best in class quality Solid State Drives. OCZ was recently snagged by Toshiba so we'll have to see how their products keep on performing down the road, but I'm glad to see that they will be around supporting their drives and products for a few years.

I will be taking a closer look at the OCZ Vector 150 SSD. It has a capacity of 120GB and consists of all metal construction. This drive - although labeled similar to the OCZ Vector, is actually a totally different beast as it now features Toshiba NAND memory instead of Micron or Intel NAND. That is one of the changes we'll see in OCZ drives going forward - they will all likely have Toshiba NAND and Indilinx controllers.



First Look:

The OCZ Vector 150 came packaged in a standard printed cardboard box. Inside the box it was packed in a form cut foam protective layer. The SSD was also inside a static bag.


Bundle Out of The Box
Out of the Box


Inside was all the hardware needed for mounting the drive. There was also an adapter so it could be attached to a 3.5" tray. While many people will use an SSD in their laptop, there are a lot that would use a 120GB version for a boot drive in their desktop PC. While more and more cases have places to mount 2.5" drives, there are still many cases that do not and this bracket is actually a welcome touch.

Drive Profile
Drive Profile

Drive Back
Drive Back


The drive itself is all metal construction with a small about of graphics on the lid.

Before we jump into the benchmarks on the following pages, we'll take a look inside the drive as well as cover some of the features and specifications of the Vector 150 line and see what we've really got on our bench.