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Application: Word Puttz

Good day app readers! It is still Olympic week and was Valentines Day not long ago. I don’t really do much for Valentines Day myself as I believe that love should be celebrated more than one day a year. If you do celebrate Valentines with someone special, awesome for you! I spent my time being a puttz - I mean a Word Puttz. With this week’s app pick I’ve taken some time to word up on the green. I guess I’m practicing up for the summer Olympics virtually!

Level Map Tee off


If you like words and golf, this game is pretty simple to play. If you're a bookworm I’m sure you can come up with some interesting words to putt! You simply make words using golf balls with letters on them. You want to work your way towards the hole by building words onto each other. Make words going forward, backward, vertical or horizontal as you rack up points to get to the next level. Give it a putt and you could become a word golfer champion!

Going to the Hole High Score


Get your green on and word up!


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