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ADATA CE700 Wireless Charging Stand
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Product: ADATA CE700 Wireless Charing Stand
Provided By: ADATA
Price: $49.99 MSRP at time of publication


One of the coolest products to surface in the last few years is inductive charging. This is achieved by creating an electromagnetic field on your charger and this is then converted back into electricity using an induction coil. This technology is not new and it's not mainstream yet - although I really don't know why. It's a simple process and now that induction coils can be made so thin in today's electronic devices, there really is no reason it's not popular.

All that being said, there are a few drawbacks that still prevent this technology from changing the way we do everything. Converting electricity into an electromagnetic field and back again isn't as efficient as plugging a wire into your phone, this makes things charge slower. In some situations, this is not a big deal - such as when you place your phone beside your bed at night, but if you need a quick charge - or if you use your phone during charging, trying to keep it on a charging pad or station is not convenient.


I do understand both sides of the coin as I've been using wireless charging for over a year and I still use a cord to charge my phone at times. There is something pretty awesome about integrated wireless charging though and today we're going to take a look at a product from ADATA that combines the convenience of a charge pad with the benefits of a phone stand. Let's take a look at the Elite CE700 Wireless Charging Stand.


First Look:

The ADATA CE700 Wireless charging stand is a pretty basic piece of hardware. Inside the box we found a USB cable as well as the two-piece charging stand. The CE700 can be used lying flat as pictured directly below, or assembled as a stand in a few seconds. This give it greater flexibility and lets you use your phone or tablet as an alarm clock - or you can just drop your device onto it when used as a charging pad.



The Elite CE700 has an aluminum frame as well the main body that is plastic. The actual charging module is made from plastic that houses the charging coil and this is nestled in the aluminum frame that has a few rubber accents to help keep your device in place when used as a stand.

Side View


When bundled up together, the bottom has bright green rubber feel that keep it in place on your desk. The left side will also act as a base for your phone to sit when in the stand position. This keeps your phone snug against the charging coil and keeps the electricity flowing into the back of your phone or tablet.

Stand Bottom


On the next page we’ll take a look at the features and specifications of the Elite CE700 as we continue on through this review.