Rosewill Legacy V3 Plus-B Mini-ITX Case - Features and Specifications

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Rosewill Legacy V3 Plus-B Mini-ITX Case
Features and Specifications
System Build and Installation
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  • Please make sure your motherboard equipped with on-board USB 3.0 socket before purchasing.
  • CPU Cooler: Not Higher than 80mm
  • Display Card: Not Longer than 180mm
Ideal for Intel & AMD Systems 
Support Standard ATX PSII PSU 
Sturdy Construction
Side Panel Off Rear Empty
Support up to 4 40mm Fans (Optional) 
Drive Bays: 
  • Base Plate: You can install either 1 x 2.5" HDD or 1 x 3.5" HDD


Top Screws


As you can see above, the inside of the case is pretty clean. The downside to the whole inside of the case is the two USB cables that take a bit more management. Also, the drive "bays" are merely holes in the bottom of the case. They have rubber shocks to help prevent vibration and noise. This is a nice touch for the drives. As you can see immediately above, there are screws that can be removed if you need to access your hardware from the top of the case. In our installation, we didn't need to remove these and we could access everything from the side.





The case is made of aluminum and that's why it weighs a little over a Kg. I'm pretty happy with the overall size as well as it is very compact and still supports graphics cards up to 18cm long.