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Application: Deer Hunter 2014

Good March morning! As we are still in the dead of winter up here in Canada, I just want to spend more time indoors. If some of you do a bit of hunting you're probably prepared for some "brisk" weather. Sometimes, you just want to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home and hunt. Take a look at and try Deer Hunter 2014 on days like today. You don’t have to worry about freezing your butt, toes, fingers or nose off. With the temperature at -20°C, I wish they'd offer extra bonus cash if you bag a groundhog. 

Deer Hunter Missions





Deer Hunter 2014 is interesting because it's almost like a simulator. I'm not a fan of sim-racing games, but games like this work out well. You get a basic rifle to start and as you go hunting you earn in-game cash to spend on upgrades for your weapon of choice. Each stage tells you what type of animal you're hunting for and what kind of shot they is required to take them down. A white-tailed deer is dropped with a lung shot for instance. You can move around by touching the screen, aim down sights and zooming in on the animal as you prepare to fire. You must be careful not to miss or make a ton of noise. If you do, you'll scare the animal away! 


On The Hunt

Wolf Spotted

Wolf Spotted


Shhh! I'm hunting deer!


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