Android App Pick - Awesome Miniature Tilt Shift

Application: Awesome Miniature - Tilt Shift

What is up my Android people?! It is getting a little wet out there in parts of our home land as the frozen north thaws and you may find yourself looking for higher ground. As the weather bounces around here, it's looking like a chinook is on its way. As the water starts to run, it is an interesting time to get out and take a few pictures. I like taking pictures of water as it is never the same and is always moving. This captures my imagination and my eye. When it comes to pictures, do you ever find yourself too far away or too high up when snapping photos? Phone cameras aren't like DSLR's because of the small sensor, but you can still be creative and do some pretty cool stuff with pictures with the subject far-away. For instance, you can turn them into miniature creations using Awesome Miniature-Tilt Shift. Create a whole new world!

Start Blur Tool


The app isn't too hard to use, and if you start with a good picture it will make your job a lot easier. It works best when you take a picture when you’re up high looking down at multiple items. You can take a picture using the app or load a picture from your phone's gallery to add all the other photo effects. Simply drag and swipe the blur box around to set the focus where you want. Move sliders around and put different filters and frames until you’re happy. This one is the free version, and can buy more stuff and different viewing sizes when you pay.

Effects Finished


Take it for a spin and create your miniature world today!


Effects Plane Museum Up High



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