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Rosewill R-Studio Sonas Headset
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I am not an expert in sound but I do love good audio. For the testing I mostly used my PC to give me the variety in sounds and hours of enjoyment.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the sound produced by this headset. At first I thought that it would be too bassy and that it would overpower every other sound, but it rarely did. The bass produced by the Sonas is a bit heavy and it did lessen the other audio on a few things, but it didn’t completely destroy the listening pleasure. For the most part it has been clean and you get to enjoying it immensely. Where this headset shines in with listening to music like metal and other heavy selections. Another area that the Sonas shines is in gaming. I played multiple shooters and each sounded superb. You could here where the firing was coming from and where the enemy was at times from their footfalls. I had a ton of fun using these while gaming.


When I first saw the audio cable connection the headset I was a bit concerned that it would be a problem and in reality it wasn’t. The only problem I had with the cables was the inline microphone. Where the cable joined the microphone body, the connection looked a bit lose and it made the sound distort and I periodically lost sound in one side of the headset if I moved the microphone module around much. This was a disappointment but not a deal breaker. I just removed that cable and used the one without the microphone. I also did some searching and discovered that this is not a widespread issue – and in fact it seems that I’m the only one that had this issue. All of the other connections and cables work great. The cables also seem to be able to take abuse as I roll over them with my computer chair periodically and the squish a bit but reform when you work them a tiny bit with your fingers.



The overall construction by Rosewill is something they can take pride in. The joints for the folding parts of the headset are reinforced with metal and seem quite strong. The headband adjustment is also reinforced with metal and is solid and stiff.

The only concerns I have would be that the black paint might eventually wear off of the metal pieces on the outside of the ears and that the cable connections will lose connectivity with use, but so far there is only small evidence that the paint will go but it will take a good while.

The Sonas is comfortable to wear for the most part but after 3-4 hours you start to feel the speakers biting into your ears a bit.
When I tested the microphone I noticed that the volume was a bit low and thin, but they do work in a pinch. The voice functions on my phone also worked well enough to understand what I was saying.



Rosewill can rest easy knowing they have made a good looking and well performing headset, although the flaw in the microphone cable was disappointing. The product still did very well. The longevity of the connections is yet to be determined, but I have high hopes for this beauty. The sound is a bit bassy, but is not outrageous, so these are still a great choice when comparing what you could get for $79.99!

If you are after a high end microphone then this is not for you, but if you want a great all around product that offers sound comparable to products twice the price, then I strongly urge you to try a set of the Rosewill Sonas out and see how they work for you.



  • Packaging
  • Construction
  • Price
  • Sound



  • Poor quality microphone cable
  • Causes minor soreness with extended usage


I'd like to thank Rosewill for sending over these headphones for us to review. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the forum at the link below.