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Application: Sonic Dash

Happy St. Patrick's Week! This week is all about the Irish. There's a bit more than the color green and leprechauns gold to St. Patrick's Day. He was a guy on a mission to save the people of Ireland. Almost like a little blue hedgehog with some funky hair and a pair of running shoes. If you're a gamer from the 90’s, you’ll remember Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog - which appears in this week's app pick; Sonic Dash. Sonic and his buddies are on a mission for gold rings. The only irritating part is the ads the game likes to throw in after a round. Just keep hitting back or simply buy the full game if it becomes too annoying.

Running Away Power Ups Running


The game is simple and pretty much mirrors any Temple Run game that you have played. You first start out with Sonic, but eventually as you keep playing you will unlock others characters. You pick some bonus cards then you start yourself on a nice slab of green grass with various coins in your path. Swipe up, down, right, left to move your character to avoid obstacles and collect gold rings! When you’ve collected enough rings, hit the dash meter in the bottom corner and you're sprinting your way through everything and around the track.

Landing Strip Select Boosters Banked


Sometimes the track will change scenes if you're doing very well, when you're jumping off one cliff to the next your character bounces up in the air. Swipe in the directions it tells you to, and you'll do some interesting moves in the air before landing. Some jumps require you to hit a target in the air for extra gas to make it to the landing point. At some point you have to defeat a boss by dodging items it throws at you!

Get all the rings!


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